Software can be very complex and its reliability can never be 100% guaranteed. Although all software written and implemented by Discover IT is tested rigorously before going live, problems may sometimes occur and, then, must be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Our Guarantee

Our code is guaranteed for a period of 90 days after completion. During that period any errors detected will be corrected free of charge. We offer a high level of support, with prompt diagnosis and action.

For urgent problems, our support is available 24/7 for 365 days per year.

During the first four weeks, we guarantee to analyse any errors reported within 12 hours. Usually these errors can also be corrected within this period. If not, you will be contacted with an estimate of when the error will be corrected.

Server Alerts

Discover IT uses alert software which detects when a server may be malfunctioning. In addition, we include error reporting software in complex applications which automatically emails a detailed report to our software development team when an error occurs.

Online Support Interface

Our online support interface, Gemini, allows you to document queries and issues for our attention. In addition, you will be informed by Gemini of any change in the status of any documented issues.

For our registered customers, please click here to login to Gemini.

Support Contracts

If you are likely to need regular help with your web site, we also offer support contracts. This can include:

  • Regular web site updates
  • Server maintenance
  • Software installation and upgrades
  • Web site statistics reports
  • Technical support and advice
For further details, please contact us with your requirements.
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