Insurance Articles

  Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Social media tips for insurance brokers

Social media is becoming almost essential for any business operating online these days, including insurance brokers. It provides you with a way to interact with your customers, show the human side of your business, enhance your reputation, build trust and more.   If you are just starting out, or your social strategy is not working out as you want it to, here are some tips for getting more out of it.

  Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Using technology to drive insurance marketing

Marketing is probably something that you do a lot of in any given week or month. Many insurance companies see it as an essential activity because insurance is a competitive industry.   But if you are marketing, are you sure you are getting the most you can from it? There are many ways that technology can help you to get more from your marketing activities, and here are some options to consider.

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