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Discover IT developed a powerful broker portal for their 10,000+ users from 3,000 brokers. We have strived for them to become an award winning company.

The Challenge

Covéa Insurance plc was formed in October 2012 founded upon the long-established strengths and expertise of MMA Insurance and Provident Insurance.

It is a member of one of Europe’s leading mutual insurance groups, Covéa, which was the number 1 for property and liability insurance in France in 2011, serving nearly 11 million policyholders and generating more than 14 billion euros in premiums.

Covéa Insurance plc has over 1 million policyholders with policies distributed through a nationwide network of around 2,500 intermediaries. They have more than 800 employees across the UK. Covéa offers a range of insurance products spanning motor, home, travel, commercial property, construction and professional indemnity insurance.

Covéa Insurance plc do not sell insurance direct to the public. Their policy is to make their products available through a UK-wide network of full time professional insurance brokers and intermediaries.

Continuing the MMA policy of utilising available technology to make improvements in the service for their network of brokers, they approached Discover IT in 2001 to develop their new public facing website and, most importantly, to set up a private extranet for their brokers called "Broker Online Services", now commonly referred to as "Broker Online".

The Key Project Features

Broker Online

The Broker Online Extranet was originally developed to provide insurance quotes for Covéa products including Shops, Offices, Landlords, Residential Property Owners, Commercial Property Owners, Master Tradesman Plus, Motor Trade and Motor Trade Internal Risks.

Broker Online was extended in 2008 to provide online "full cycle" facilities. Now, in addition to incepting new policies, brokers can access current and historic policy details, make common adjustments without referral to Covéa, renew policies and cancel policies.

Close attention was paid to ensuring simple navigation of Broker Online. And, it is important to help the broker to fill in forms in a speedy and accurate fashion. Insurance data cature forms are set up to capture essential information first and to only reveal additional question sets when they are required. These forms use a postcode lookup web service from Postcode Anywhere which allows brokers to enter only the postcode and property name to retrieve a full postal address automatically. Another geo-location service from Postcode Anywhere powers the "broker locator" facility on the public website.

Documents Generation

With a unique Documents Generation and Management System, developed by Discover IT, brokers have online access to the full policy documentation at point of sale.

The Documents Generation and Management System (DMS) enables document templates to be prepared using Word ML, a markup vocabulary at the heart of Microsoft Word's XML features. Word ML combined with AltSoft's XML2PDF software enables the Broker Online DMS to dynamically generate and stitch all the policy documents in PDF format.

A Document Templates Generator add-in for Word 2003 / Word 2007 / Word 2010, was developed, to allow MMA to generate the full range of document templates. These templates use file name encoding to associate with specific insurance products at required stages of the "workflow". Templates are selected automatically and bound to policy data to produce the policy documents. If you have an application that requires dynamic generation of Word or PDF documents, our Documents Generation and Management System, together with its Document Templates Generator, may be just what you need. Click here for more details.

Broker Online also allows brokers to update the Motor Insurance Database (MID) database for motor trade policies and to submit encrypted online payments.

The Broker Online site is held in a password protected area and is not available to the general public. Broker login is controlled on an individual user basis, assigns rights and privileges at the broker level and at the user level, and audits important actions.

The Results

Broker Online has, for the past 10 years, been providing Covéa/MMA brokers with instant online quotations and confirmation of cover for their Commercial Line products.

Discover IT manages the hosting of the Covéa website and Broker Online extranet. Broker Online integrates via a Virtual Private Network to Covéas enterprise back-end system via a set of web services. Broker Online has over 10,000 users from 3,000 brokers.

Broker Online has always been well regarded by Covéa brokers, and has been very favourably rated in industry surveys.

Click here to visit our Online Insurance Solutions web site, which describes our insurance web site development work in much more detail.

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