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The Challenge

The Fyfe Group, is a specialist motor trade insurance broker wholly owned by RSA. Discover IT has developed several online insurance applications for Fyfe Group and, most notably, the innovative Fyfe Group Operating System (FGOS), a "full cycle", multi-scheme insurance management system.

In 2004, the Fyfe Group was using an insurance management system that was slow, lacking important features, and was expensive to maintain. They decided to develop their own "full cycle" online insurance solution tailored more precisely to their needs and engaged with Discover IT to do this work. The Fyfe Group Operating System (FGOS) was launched early 2006.

FGOS utilises a business rules software package, InRule, to automate various aspects of comparative insurance quotations, policies issue, mid-term adjustments, renewal invitations, renewals, cancellations, lapsing and payment processing.

The Key Project Features

A key task when developing FGOS was the provision of multi-scheme quotations. By using a business rules engine, this task was simpler to implement and maintain. The business rules engine is a particularly effective way of authoring the rules and calculations required for producing premiums, policy messages and controlling the workflow. The advantage of using an authoring a tool, rather than hard-coding a solution, is that the work does not have to be done by a programmer and, as it is easily readable by a skilled underwriter, it is much easier to author, review and amend the individual scheme rules and calculations.

RSA Multi Quote Screen
The FGOS system includes team-based processing, comprehensive diary management and auditing functions. It uses the Discover IT automated Documents Generation System for generating all the policy documentation, available for download, printing and emailing. The development and management of document templates is carried out by Fyfe Group staff. Document templates development uses a Microsoft Word add-in for placing the data placeholders in the document layouts, and the templates can be produced by anybody who is skilled with using a wordprocessor.
All policy records are stored fully versioned in the database, so the exact version of a policy at any historic point in time can be retrieved, along with full audit details of when and by whom any changes were made.
Additionally, FGOS is fully integrated, via web services, with a separate bespoke accounting system.
The first release of FGOS went live in 2006 and, since then, new products, functionality, rules and rates have been added continuously, including:
  • 2006 - FGOS System enters service
  • 2006 - Additional scheme added to Multi-Scheme System
  • 2007 - Compliance Release - MID Vehicles Management
  • 2009 - Liability Product added
  • 2010 - Payment Integration System - Netbanx
  • 2011 - Compliance Releases - CCA, CCD, ELTO
  • 2011 - Combined Product added

The Results

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