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Road Runner specialise in providing motor trade road risks, liability and premises insurance to the independent motor trade profession.

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The Challenge

Road Runner is a trading name of Aston Scott Ltd. They are an insurance broker and specialise in helping independent motor trade professionals find the right insurance cover.

Roadrunner Insurance approached Discover IT with a new website refresh requirement, to promote their brand and the services they provide, encourage new visitors to ‘get a quote,’ and to allow existing customers to update their vehicle information for the MID.

The main goals for the site included:

  • Promote the Roadrunner Insurance brand.
  • Encourage new visitors to ‘Get a Quote’, either by calling during office hours, or completing an online form.
  • Facilitate an excellent user experience to the wide array of devices that would be used to access the site.
  • Increase relevant traffic to the site.


The Key Project Features

To promote the Roadrunner brand, both a new Blog and Social Media integration are
important. Social share icons are placed throughout the site for users to share content
directly from the webpage. Discover IT also integrated an existing blog, by Roadrunner,
called Trade Torque into the Roadrunner website where users can interact by leaving
comments in the articles.

For an improved user experience when using either quote enquiry or MID update,
Discover IT implemented the CarWeb lookup for registration numbers which would pre
-populate the remaining fields with the car make and model, making the form filling a
breeze to complete.

There are times where the user fills out a form, forgets about it and leaves the form
incomplete. To overcome this issue, Discover IT utilized the marketing automation
capabilities of Kentico EMS so, if the user doesn’t complete their quote enquiry form,
or if it has been abandoned, they will receive an email reminder automatically for them
to continue their, in progress, quote. This only triggers if the user has completed the
first stage where they entered their email address. The email received includes a
hyperlink to return them directly to their partially completed quote.

Using an office hour’s dependency condition, Discover IT determine what to display or
trigger during open and closed hours. Roadrunner encourages the user to call for a
quote when on mobile, so when the user selects “Get a quote”, they are prompted to
call Roadrunner directly on their phones. But during closing hours, they are instead
directed to the quote enquiry form where they will receive a call during Roadrunner’s
office open hours.

Depending on how users interact with the website, each user is assigned a ‘persona’.
Roadrunner has two personas, one for ‘New Customers’ and one for ‘Existing
Customers’. The user is assigned to the relevant contact group, depending on which
kind of form has been completed on the site. This persona assignment can then be
used to personalise different content on the site, such as banners and images.

The Results

Consistent Branding - with the site working across all devices, it is much easier to keep
up a consistent brand. There is no need for style guides for the desktop and mobile
versions of your site.

Usability - responsive web design is very user friendly. A consistent design style and
unchanging content is important because users don't expect it to be any different just
because they use a different device.

The new website went live in February 2013:

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