Document Management

Document Management System

The Document Management System (DMS) manages a library of document templates to generate specific data-bound documents that are relevant to the different stages of an insurance business application, such as the Covering Letters, Cover Notes, Certificates, Schedules, Statements of Fact, etc. These document templates are specific to an insurance product and, also, can include variants that are defined by the line of business, agency or broker.

Insurance Document ManagementEach one of these documents is produced using the data within your system, relevant to the policy and/or client, that is bound then to a specific template to produce the completed document. The documents are created in the format of non-editable PDFs that can be stored, printed and emailed.

Where more than one template can apply to generate a specific document, a "best fit" selection is applied automatically.

DMS Features

Along with these options for producing these documents, the Document Management System provides the following facilities:

  • Templates are selected and documents created automatically by your system and, in addition, an interface is provided for the user to select and produce any desired document, manually.
  • When a document template has been prepared using Microsoft Word, with the supplied add-in, it can be uploaded to the templates store using the Document Management System upload interface.
  • Users can select the start and end dates for the life of each document template, and can edit these dates during their lifetime.
  • Users can restrict which documents are available under specific circumstances. For example, some documents may only be produced at the initial quotation stage of the policy or only upon renewal.

For details of how these templates are produced, please click here.

To download the outline specification for our Insurance DMS, please click here.

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