Document Generation Templates

Insurance Documents

The production of Cover Notes, Certificates, Schedules, Statements of Fact, Letters and other insurance documents is an essential component of any "full cycle" insurance system. This capability is included as standard with the online insurance solutions delivered by Discover IT.

Document Templates

Document templates are developed for each document type, brand and style. These templates are selected and data bound automatically to policy data. A typical insurance company may require hundreds of document templates covering the different document types for each insurance product, but also accomodating different lines of business and special agency and broker requirements.

Insurance Document Generation ScreenshotThis facility includes an add-in program for Microsoft Word 2003 with Service Pack 2 and above, Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Word 2010. As illustrated in the example screenshot, the template is laid-out and styled using Word in the normal way. If a user (document developer) wishes to insert a placeholder where data will be bound, they use the add-in tool which lists all the available data nodes (shown on the right-hand side of the screenshot). The user navigates to the correct node and double-clicks on it to add the placeholder in the desired position in the document.

The add-in is not limited to placing individual placeholders. It has functionality to enable users to insert placeholders that can handle more complex data structures, such as conditional blocks (where the document will publish one piece of information if a given condition is true, else publish another) and nested table collections with different layout options - for example, a list of drivers with any associated claims and convictions. The example screenshot shows a table that, when rendered, will display a table of dates and instalment amounts.

Document Template Administration

Once the template is complete, it can be uploaded to your Web server and administered via an administration screen. Each template can be set to apply to one or more stages of your application. Frequently, a number of different templates can satisfy the requirement of an application. However, the degree of relevance is assessed and the "best fit" template is selected and used, automatically, in any given situation.

For details of how these documents are administered, please click here.

To download the outline specification for our insurance documents generation, please click here.

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