Diary Management

In any "full cycle" Insurance Management System, there are various stages in the life cycle of a policy where further manual actions are required by the operators of the system. A Diary Management function facilitates this by creating diary items detailing what action is required, by which team, and by when.

Most of the diary items will be created automatically, dependent upon certain conditions. For example, if a motor policy is accepted at New Business with a No Claims Discount (NCD) carried over from another insurer, a diary item is created to remind an operator to chase up the Proof of NCD from the client. Other examples for diary items are to chase the collection of a payment instalment or to send out a renewal invitation. It is also possible to create custom diary items for items that are not created automatically.

When an operator logs into the Insurance Management System they are presented immediately with a list of all of their incomplete diary items which they can then process.

Insurance Diary Management

And there is an administrator facility to search diaries.

Insurance Diary Management - Search

Further reporting tools can be built on top of this system which, for example, can highlight issues that haven’t been resolved.

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