3rd Party Systems

Connection to 3rd Party Systems using web services is a common requirement when implementing online insurance applications.

For example, the PostcodeAnywhere services may be used to retrieve the full postal address from an entered postcode OR to chart, on a Google map, the location of brokers/intermediaries for selected insurance products that are within a specified radius of an entered postcode. Discover IT has developed, also, its own web service to connect to the Royal Mail Post Office Address File (PAF) which is cost effective for higher volume usage.

The CarweB service may be used to retrieve the vehicle make, model and details from an entered vehicle registration number.

And, connection to aggregators, to your enterprise back-end system and to payment gateways are all special cases of the use of web services to connect to remote 3rd Party Systems.

Discover IT has a proven track record of effectively integrating online insurance applications with a wide range of remote 3rd Party Systems.

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