Agent Site

A broker or agent site extends the functionality of the consumer website in a number of important areas. Identity of the user is of paramount importance and the user must log-in to access the site. A broker or agent, and the users within that broker or agent, will have specific access rights and privileges.

A typical list of facilities may include:

  • Control of access ONLY to "authorised" insurance products.
  • Control of administrator, supervisor, agent operator, accounts and other privileges, per user.
  • Auditing of all important user actions.
  • Ability for broker/agents to directly administer their OWN users' access.
  • Ability for broker/agent users to "impersonate" THEIR customers online,
    BUT ONLY their customers.
  • Implementation of "Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)" payment clearance facilities.
    For example, a broker or agent must be able to bypass the "3D-Secure" process.
  • Ability for broker/agents to set required commission rates and minimum premiums.
  • Provision of special authorities for administrators and supervisors.
  • Linkage of commission rates to quoted premiums.
  • Ability for broker/agents to access earned commission reports.
  • "Website" branding - aka "white label" branding.

Discover IT has extensive experience with the implementation of broker extranets for RSA Fyfe and MMA Insurance. In fact, Discover IT developed, operates and maintains the complete MMA broker extranet. Discover IT also implemented the broker/agent access and the "white label" sites for Temporary Cover Limited.

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