Call Centre Site

A call centre site is based on the consumer site, but includes additional functionality. It shares many of the features of the broker/agent site. The call centre operator must log-in to access the site and call centre users will have specific access rights and privileges, depending on their role.

A typical list of facilities may include:

  • Control of access ONLY to "authorised" insurance products.
  • Contol of administrator, supervisor and call centre operator privileges, per user.
  • Auditing of all important user actions.
  • Ability for call centres to directly administer their OWN users' access.
  • Ability for call centre operators to "impersonate" customers online.
  • Implementation of "Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO)" payment clearance facilities.
    For example, a call centre operator must be able to bypass the "3D-Secure" payment process.
  • Provision of special authorities for administrators and supervisors.
  • Ability for call centres to access activity reports.
  • "Website" branding - aka "white label" branding - may be required.

24/7 support availabilty is an important consideration for call centres. Also, call centres provide a valuable "in house" feedback channel for evaluating site usability.

Discover IT implemented the call centre facility for Temporary Cover Limited.

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