Consumer Website

At the start, an insurance website for the consumer may be a simple "brochure site" that presents the company (insurer or intermediary), the products and policy types, and a series of "how to's" (obtain a policy, make a change, renew, make a claim, etc.), and provides the necessary contact information.

The next level is to expand the facilities so that a site user can obtain a quote and take out a policy for one of your products, directly online. For your most popular insurance products, the site will provide a facility for online data entry, issue a quotation and, if accepted, take payment, issue a policy and deliver the policy documents online. Then, this can be expanded to provide the ability to log on to a personal account and to retrieve a policy to make changes, to renew, to make a claim or to cancel a policy.

But, first, the consumers must find your website. Key considerations are the online marketing of your website and search engine optimisation. Discover IT works directly to optimise your website and content so that it is indexed effectively by the principle search engines. Also, we work with a number of specialist 3rd party companies in website marketing to maximise the qualified traffic into your site.

Assuming that your products are relevant and competitive, then, the user experience of your website must be excellent. Key factors in the success of your online applications include:

  • always available and online
  • simple navigation
  • excellent design and presentation
  • clarity of content
  • well constructed and simple forms for collecting information
  • properly positioned "upsells"
  • complete delivery, including documentation
  • ensure the customer feels "in control" at all times
  • . . . and, above all, inspire confidence.
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