White Label Sites

A white label website is a site produced by one insurer, that other client companies or intermediates may wish to use, but is rebranded to appear as the client's own site. And, often, the client will require some limited customisation of content and products.

This means that another company can use the core functionality of the insurer's website, but have their own company’s identity on the site (logo, styling, colour scheme, and contact details). And positions the site and offerings as their own "franchise".

There are several possible solutions to this requirement. One approach is to simply clone the original website code in its entirety, and then to modify it so that the styling is changed to reflect the client company.

The disadvantage of this approach is that it isn’t easily maintainable. Any future changes will need to be applied to all of the cloned websites. The more white labelled solutions that are added, the bigger this issue becomes.

A better solution is to use the same base code for all of the sites, and to have different domain names pointing at the same code. Then, depending on the domain name accessing the site, various elements in the site can be changed to restyle it to appear in the other company’s corporate identity.

Below is an example of a page in its original form (left) and a "white label" version (right):

White label: Side-by-side Comparison

It is a common requirement to customise some content and to create a slightly different product question set for different sites. Whilst this is entirely possible, the more this requirement is extended the more complex the solution becomes.

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